With meticulous attention to detail and a desire to infuse your personality into your home, we create elevated spaces that leave a lasting impression.

interior design services

The first step of the design process is the consultation. The consultation is a time to meet one another, get ideas for the space, and help the client find new ways to reinvent what they currently have. After the initial consultation we are able to provide a bid for our services in order to proceed with the project.

We work with complete new builds or top to bottom home renovations. P. Emerson Interiors can help with selecting contractors, materials, finishes, appliances, fixtures, and much more. 

A Home TAILORED TO YOUR Unique Style.

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We then design, draw, and source everything that is needed for the project. Our team takes particular care to design custom details and 􀐙nd unique items. We pride ourselves in taking the time to make each design unique to our client’s project.

Sourcing + Design

Once the bid is approved we’ll start to develop a concept for the project so that we have an approved design direction to be our guide throughout the process.


We meet (either in person or over the phone) to get a better understanding of the scope of your project, and what you are hoping to accomplish. Once we have a good understanding of the project, we will create a bid for our services to be approved prior to moving forward


The Process

Throughout the project we will be ensuring the designs and items purchased are executed as expected and in a timely manner. We work closely with the contractors, vendors, and our clients to make sure our designs become a reality within the project parameters. We then take care of placing orders and tracking all of your items to ensure they are where they need to be, when they need to be there, in the condition we want them to be in.

Project Management

This is the fun part - where everything comes together. This is the final step when we deliver and install all the furniture and accessories and style it so it feels finished and beautiful for you to enjoy.


 It is best to bring the designer in from the very beginning of the process so they can work with the Architect to modify floor plans and architectural details according to what will fit your aesthetic best. 

When should we bring in a designer?

Yes! We work often with out of state clients.  The process is the same although we are more strategic in planning our site visits and we use video calls often!

Do you work on projects outside of Arizona?

Most clients are unsure what their exact "style" is! We review inspiration images and go through a list of questions to nail down your personal aesthetic and budget that you will be comfortable with.  I can also walk you through each area and provide highs and lows to help you determine your budget for the project.

What if I don't know what my style or budget is?



Months later, our guests are still raving about our wedding. Lavender Lane came alongside us in the planning process with creative suggestions and stellar execution.


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Reach out today to begin the process of creating your dream home.  Whether you are just starting to dream about your design plans or have already started nailing down architects and builders, we are here to help guide you along the way!